4 Signs of a Broken AC Motor

The motor in your air conditioner is a vital component that determines how well your home is cooled during the spring and summer seasons. Although the part is meant to be durable and long-lasting, it can still break down from time to time. Here are a few main signs to look for if you suspect your AC motor is broken.

1. No Cold Airflow

You may quickly notice that there’s a lack of cold airflow in your home, which can make it uncomfortable to spend time in during the day. Put your hands close to the vents when the air conditioner is operating to determine if cold or warm air is flowing out.

2. Weird Noises

Weird noises commonly develop when an AC motor breaks, which will be noticeable when the appliance is turned on each time. You may hear rattling, buzzing and humming noises, which often comes from the condenser unit. Malfunctioning motor blades may also be the cause of the unusual sounds. Grinding sounds also mean that the bearings on the motor have become damaged.

3. AC Fan Continues to Run

In some cases, the AC fan continues to run without shutting off even when you attempt to turn off the appliance. You may also notice that this uses more energy and increases your bill each month. The AC fan also won’t start at times.

4. The AC Runs Intermittently

You’ll need to contact a professional from a company like Custom Comfort Air in Houston to inspect the appliance if it shuts on and off frequently, which is a sign that the motor is suffering from issues. A technician can inspect the parts and diagnose the problem before performing the repairs.

In the Houston area, you can rely on the pros from Custom Comfort Air to repair an AC motor and also improve the indoor air quality in the building or perform heating and cooling installations. As a family-owned local business since 1969, we have certified technicians on our team. Our company is also a Lennox Premier Dealer. Call our office in Rosenberg to make an appointment.