6 Ways a Zone Control System Can Help You Save on Cost

Cooling and heating a house requires a significant amount of energy that may cost a lot of money based on your requirements. As a result, most homeowners continuously search for solutions to improve energy efficiency at home. If you aren’t careful, your electric bills may shoot high, and your only option could be reducing your HVAC usage.

Fortunately, if you want to enjoy excellent air quality without worrying about bills, you may want to install a zoning system. It’s a comfort unit tailor-made, especially for families with varying temperature preferences. Besides, you may need it if you have rooms in your house you don’t frequently use. The system can be a great addition to your home, and it provides the following cost benefits.

1. Lowers Your Utility Bills

You’ll often have empty rooms in the house at some point in the day. A zoning system lets you choose specific parts of your home that require heating or cooling at a particular period. Therefore, your furnace or air conditioner doesn’t need to maintain a uniform temperature in these rooms continually.

The system allows you to control the temperature in unoccupied rooms while maintaining the occupied areas’ comfort levels. For instance, in the evening, you can choose to cool the kitchen and dining area while making dinner. However, during this time, there is no need to cool your office spaces or bedrooms. When everyone is ready to go to bed, you can then set the system to divert cold air to the bedroom.

Additionally, the system helps fix problem areas in your home. They include the attic, basement, rooms near the entry, and laundry room. Remember the temperature condition in these areas can affect the entire home temperature while using a standard HVAC system. However, the zone system keeps the temperature under control in these hot and cold spots without affecting other areas. Hence the unit regulates energy use and lowers utility bills further.

By segmenting your house and setting the system off for the rooms unused, you significantly increase your home’s energy efficiency. The zoning system will help you save a significant amount of money, mainly if you live in a big house.

2. Protects Your HVAC Unit

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is a substantial investment. Therefore, you need to ensure it isn’t overworked to minimize wear and tear over time. A zoning system will help your HVAC unit maintain even temperature in different rooms as required.

When you want to increase warmth in a particular area, you turn up the zone’s thermostat to the required temperature. It signals the furnace to blow in warm air. Once the room attains the optimum temperature, the furnace will shut itself off until it’s needed. Therefore, your HVAC unit only uses the required energy to make some places more comfortable instead of distributing heat to all areas you probably don’t need.

Focusing on particular spaces helps reduce strain on the system, so it doesn’t have to work as hard to cool the entire house. The less the time your HVAC unit runs at full speed, the lower the maintenance it requires. As a result, your system will remain functional at peak efficiency for a more extended period, saving you future repair or replacement costs.

3. Customization

One of the most significant benefits of the zone control system is that it gives you total control over your home’ temperature. In a household with a different person, one individual may prefer to set the thermostats higher, and the next individual lowers it. A centralized temperature system controls the heat in all rooms, and so your HVAC system will keep shifting from low to high and vice versa. As a result, it increases your utility bills.

A zone control system is very flexible and can accommodate every family member’s needs. Each individual in the house can adjust the temperature to their comfortable range. For instance, someone can choose to stay in a cold room at night while another prefers a warm breeze. Therefore, you can adjust your bedroom temperature without affecting those in the living room or kitchen. The zoning system thereby helps maximize your comfort level while helping you save on cost. Besides, using a programmable thermostat makes the system more energy efficient.

4. Two Units in One

A standard heating and cooling unit require a furnace and an air conditioning system. However, the zone control system combines both functionalities into a single component using thermostats, dampers, and a central panel. You, therefore, rely on a streamlined unit system to keep your home comfortable all year long. It helps cut on upkeep and ductwork expenses.

5. Allows Control on the Go

Technology has defined how we live our life today. The zone control system allows you to remotely control the temperature in your house from your mobile devices. This flexibility helps increase the comfort levels in your home and also save on cost.

For instance, you can set it to work less when you’re away to save on energy bills. Additionally, you can turn it on when coming home from work on a chilly day to keep your house cozy. Still, if the weather changes unexpectedly, you can adjust the thermostat accordingly.

6. Improves Your Home’s Air Quality

You’ll notice an increase in your family members’ health when you install a zone control system. By segmenting your house into zones, the unit reduces dust, contaminants, and other allergens circulating from one room to another. As a result, it limits the spread of bacteria, viruses, and odors throughout your home. It helps save on medical bills, especially for asthma, itchy eyes, allergies, and other respiratory conditions.

For example, if you have a moldy basement, you can minimize spores’ circulation in the air by reducing the air circulation in it. Additionally, it reduces the spread of pet dander from the living rooms to the bedroom. Besides, it slows the movement of dirt particles from the less-used places to the others, reducing cleaning costs.

Save Money With a Zoned System

It’s a waste of energy to set the same temperature throughout the house, including the rooms you don’t use. By installing a zone control system, you’ll save more without compromising on the comfort level in your home. It helps you focus energy in specific areas rather than overheating or overcooling the entire house.

Besides, you get to use modern technology to control the temperature in your home. The simpler you can make adjustments, the more you can stay on top of weather changes, saving on energy and utility bills. When you’re ready to start using a zone control system, you can reach out to Custom Comfort Air for more information or plan for installations.

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