Can Air Filters be Recycled?

Air filters are an essential part of the air blower that works with a heat pump, air conditioner or furnace. When our technicians at Custom Comfort Air install or perform maintenance on heating and cooling systems, we always check the air filter. When considering which type of air filter to use, whether or not the product is recyclable may be important to you. We offer these tips to help you decide.

Single-Use Air Filters

Single-use air filters are commonly used in today’s heating and cooling systems. Single-use is about 30 to 60 days of continuous operation for these air filters. They consist of a large cardboard frame and an insert. The insert is made up of a folded panel. The panel contains fiberglass or polyester fibers. Cardboard is recyclable. Some communities have specialized facilities for recycling polyester fibers. Fiberglass cannot be recycled. In order to recycle any parts of a single-use air filter, you would have to dismantle it. Dismantling it would expose you to the allergens and dirt, so it’s best to throw these filters away.

Reusable Air Filters

Reusable air filters can be washed and reused. If a single-use air filter is like a paper napkin, a reusable air filter is like a cloth napkin. The reusable filters last for several years, but you should wash them every 30 days. After the insert of the reusable air filter has passed its prime, you can dismantle the filter and recycle the plastic frame. The synthetic fiber insert is not recyclable.

Choosing the Right Air Filter

Installing a reusable filter could eliminate your need to dispose of up to 24 single-use filters over a four-year period. Not all heating and cooling systems are compatible with reusable filters. Our technicians can provide you with information about which filters work with your furnace, heat pump or air conditioner. We also offer information about when and how to clean the reusable products.

To learn more about the types of air filters or find out the options for replacement, contact us at Custom Comfort Air of Rosenberg, Texas, for more information.