Electric vs Gas Furnaces

Furnaces can be fueled by electricity, gas, or oil. Electric and gas furnaces are the more popular of the three. Electric furnaces are used widely in southern states while gas furnaces are common in the northern portion of the country. The choice between a gas furnace and an electric furnace is an easy one to make when you’re aware of the following information.

Which Emits the Most Effective Heat?

Gas furnaces heat your home faster than electric furnaces because they deliver more powerful heat. However, if you live in a warmer area, electric furnaces are all the power you need to maintain indoor comfort. In the brutal winters of some parts of the country, you would need a gas furnace to effectively heat your home.

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Are Gas Furnaces Dangerous?

A major concern you may have when choosing between a gas furnace and an electric furnace is safety. Modern furnaces of all fuel types are safe to use, but gas furnaces are technically more dangerous than an electric furnace if they aren’t maintained. Gas furnaces require more maintenance than electric furnaces. Improper maintenance can cause carbon monoxide buildup inside your home.

Which Is Cheaper?

Gas furnaces tend to be cheaper to operate but have a higher initial installation cost than electric furnaces. On average, a furnace needs to be replaced every 15–20 years. Electric furnaces typically last longer than gas furnaces before needing replacement. More specifically, we see gas furnaces with a lifespan of 10–20 years and electric furnaces with a lifespan of 20–30 years.

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