Home Comfort Resolutions for 2020

The EPA estimates that the average American can reduce his or her monthly bill by as much as 15 percent with some simple strategies. Custom Comfort Air in Houston provides a full range of home comfort services and encourages all homeowners to make New Year’s resolutions toward that end.

Commit to Seasonal Tune-Ups

Avoid the break-fix approach to your HVAC equipment. The biggest and easiest change homeowners can make is embracing seasonal tune-ups. Such service is not only relatively inexpensive but goes a long way toward avoiding major repairs. You may even be able to save more with a maintenance program.

Embrace a Smart Approach

If you do not yet have a smart thermostat, invest in one. Even if you have a programmable unit, consider upgrading to a smart device. Learn how to use it. Use the information it provides you. Establish temperature blocks throughout your day so that you can save even more.

Schedule Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is another important service that many homeowners overlook. However, air ducts are crucial to the efficient and effective operation of your heating and air conditioning. Duct cleaning is an opportunity to inspect your ducts. It also helps foster a much cleaner living environment and significantly reduces particles that can cause breathing issues and unpleasant odors.

Perform a Home Energy Assessment

Schedule a home energy audit, which many companies offer at no charge. Such assessments identify which systems in your home are not performing well. From there, you can prioritize a list of improvements. You may not get to them all right away or even this year, but it gives you goals to work toward that will improve your comfort and lower your long-term costs.

Enjoy Personalized Comfort

Custom Comfort Air in Sugar Land and Rosenberg, TX, has been helping homeowners throughout Houston and the neighboring communities stay comfy and save money since 1969. Great customer service is essential to what we do. We are a BBB-accredited business with an A+ rating, and we earned the Centurion Award, which Lennox reserves for the top 5% of North American dealers.

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