Is Static Electricity a Problem in Your Home?

The static buildup in your indoor environment can be an annoying and even painful problem. If you live in the Greater Houston area, you can control the static electricity in your home. Here’s what you need to know about the static accumulating around you.

What Causes Static Electricity?

Electricity is all around us and forms an electrical circuit that can include humans. This natural circuit happens between the ground you walk on, the air you move in, and Earth’s outer atmosphere. You become part of that circuit as you move around and interact with your environment every day.

Materials, such as metal and carpet, can build up an imbalance of electrical charges. This stockpile of electricity waits for an appropriate conduit that will make the charge move away or dissipate. When you walk across a floor, you become the conduit for the release, and now you carry the charge. The next object you touch causes that painful static spark to happen because the charge is dispersing away from you.

Moisture Is the Answer

The drier the air is inside your home, the worse the issue becomes with indoor air quality. Increasing the moisture in the air helps dampen the problem. In many areas of the U.S., winter air brings an increase in static electricity. In desert communities, the problem persists all year long. If you live in an area where the humidity levels remain high year-round, you can still have a bad situation with indoor static. This is because your heating and cooling system can dry out the indoor air.

Solve the Problem Today!

A whole-house humidifier can help control the static electricity by introducing the right amount of moisture into the air. With the proper humidity levels in your home, you’ll also be able to reduce the thermostat a few degrees or more. This can easily turn into long-term savings for you because your equipment isn’t working as hard. A room-based or whole-home humidifier can also eliminate dry, itchy skin and make it easier to breathe.

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