Top 3 Reasons to Change Your AC Filter

Every air conditioner has a filter that catches and collects dirt, dust, and other particulates from the air inside your home. Not only does this filter make the air healthier and cleaner to breathe, but it also protects your air conditioner from accumulating dirt that would otherwise stunt its performance. AC filters are simple to change on your own, yet many Houston homeowners neglect the replacement process. Take a look at the top three reasons why you should change your AC air filters on a regular basis.

1. Cleaner Air Indoors

An AC air filter is designed to trap dust and debris while allowing air to pass through and re-circulate throughout your home. After several months of filtering out debris, the air filter will get worn-out and should be replaced with a new one. This is especially important in households with young children, elderly people, or people suffering from respiratory illnesses like asthma or allergies.

2. Reduce the Risk of Costly Repairs

Not only do air filters clean the air you breathe, but they also protect your AC from getting choked by debris as well. Without the filter, dust and other debris would begin building up around the moving parts of your AC and reduce their functionality. This can lead to diminished performance and even mechanical failures requiring costly repairs.

3. Optimize Energy Efficiency

When an air filter is dirty, air doesn’t pass through it as easily, meaning your AC has to work harder to do its job. The harder your AC works, the more energy it consumes and the higher your energy bills rise. Not only that, but the extra workload puts an unnecessary strain on the system which can lead to maintenance issues in the future.

Reliable AC Services Near You

While changing your air filter is fairly easy, most AC maintenance should be handled by the professionals. The team of technicians at Custom Comfort Air in Rosenberg will be happy to perform your annual tune-up. Since 1969, we’ve kept Houston’s air conditioners running at peak performance. Give us a call today!