Understanding Airflow in Your Home

If you want an efficient system, you need to know about airflow. Airflow is essential for your home. It keeps your system balanced and healthy. Here are a few things to know about the way air moves throughout your home.

Why Is Airflow Important?

You need proper airflow to maintain a well-balanced system. Air needs to balance between low and high pressure. If there is any type of gap or pathway, air will flow toward those areas. In some cases, these gaps can cause leaks in your system. If you want to have effective airflow, you need to maintain a system that eliminates even small gaps.

What Is Balanced Airflow?

If air is removed from your system and not added back, you can be causing problems for your unit. This type of pressure is known as negative airflow. In most homes, you need a balanced airflow to keep your system in proper operation. If you are experiencing problems in your Houston home, Custom Comfort Air will help you find the issue causing it.

What Causes Problems With Your Air?

There are several reasons for improper airflow in your home. Damaged ductwork is one of the main culprits of this issue. You want to check the ductwork in your system. In the summer, humid air can leak in and add more humidity to the air. During the winter, cold drafts can sneak into your home. In any case, you don’t want to have gaps in your ductwork. You need to hire a professional team to conduct a few tests and seal up those pesky leaks.

Since 1969, Custom Comfort Air has been providing reliable heating and cooling services to the residents of Houston. You can trust our professional technicians to keep you comfortable. In addition to heating and cooling, we can check the ductwork and air quality in your home. We take pride in delivering exceptional customer service to all our clients. When you need any type of heating or cooling services in Houston, give us a call at Custom Comfort Air.