What Thermostat Temperature is Best for the Winter?

In the Houston area, we rarely deal with frigid temperatures as they do up north. However, the winter months do bring colder weather, especially in the evenings. At Custom Comfort Air, we want to make sure that our clients are comfortable throughout the year. When you are smart about your thermostat settings, you can save money while not compromising on home comfort.

Is Anybody Home?

The Department of Energy suggests that the ideal home temperature is 68 degrees in the winter. This is normally a temperature where you can be comfortable without overtaxing your system. Keep in mind, this is the temperature setting when people are home. If everyone goes to work or school during the day, it is fine to let the temperature drift downward by as much as 10 degrees. The less time your system is working, the more savings you will see on your utility bill.

Keeping Comfy at Night

Although the evenings are the coldest period in our area, they are also a time when you can let the temperature drift downward. Most people find that they sleep better when it is a little cooler. Also, once you are covered in a few extra blankets and a comforter, you will not mind the cooler air. Of course, you want to keep things comfortable enough so that people don’t wake up in the middle of the night because of the cold.

The Smart Thermostat: A Helpful Tool

One of the ways that Custom Comfort Air can help you reduce your heating costs is by installing smart thermostats in your home. These models use the latest technology to learn your heating habits. This makes them even more effective at maintaining your comfort than basic, programmable thermostats. In addition, you can control your home temperature remotely with a smartphone.

Custom Comfort Air in Rosenberg, TX, can handle the heating, cooling and indoor air quality needs of homes in the Houston area. Our technicians have the knowledge and skill to install, maintain and repair all of your home comfort systems. Call us today to learn how we can help you stay comfortable in every season.