What Will Happen During Your Next HVAC Repair?

Many homeowners wonder what they can expect when they are getting their HVAC system fixed, and understanding the process will better prepare you for your appointment. Here are a few things you can expect to happen when you decide it is time for an HVAC repair.

It Starts With the Thermostat

When you call Custom Comfort Air to get HVAC repair at your residence in Houston, the first thing our technicians will usually do is just take a look at your thermostat. This is not because they assume you have not tried fiddling with the thermostat, but they need to see how the system is behaving and make sure there aren’t any simple electrical issues that could be keeping your unit from running.

The Technician Checks Out the Unit

After learning a little about how the thermostat is behaving, the technician will then ask that you show them the actual heating and cooling equipment. They will carefully look over everything to see what the issue is. Depending on how fast they find the problem, this can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more.

You Get to Talk With the Technician

After this, it will be time to meet with the technician and discuss the problem. If you are lucky, it was a quick and minor issue that the technician already solved. However, if a part is broken, the technician will have a more in-depth discussion about what your options are for resolving the issue. You can then decide if you want to replace the part, order a new system, or make other changes to address the problem.

As you can see, the standard HVAC repair is a relatively quick and painless process that ensures your heating and cooling needs are met. In addition to helping you out with new installations and HVAC maintenance, Custom Comfort Air also has years of experience handling all sorts of repairs as well as indoor air quality tests. Contact us today to repair your HVAC system.