9 Reasons to Choose a Professional Heating Company

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Many people like to take on do-it-yourself projects around the home. If you are not trained in heating repair, you should not tackle these repairs by yourself. These repairs should only be handled by a professional technician. A DIY project can end up costing you time and more money in the long run. If you are still not convinced, here are a few reasons why you should leave a repair to the professionals.

Fewer Safety Concerns

Professional technicians lessen the safety concerns associated with heating repair in general. Their special training ensures they know the right process to follow to keep themselves, you, and your home safe.

Heating systems either have combustible fuel or have a significant electrical draw. In either case, getting into the system without knowing how to approach it safely can have serious consequences.

Protected Warranty

One of the most important reasons to choose a professional heating company is to protect your system’s warranty. Manufacturers want to protect their systems from breaking down due to improper training.

As such, one term of keeping the warranty valid stipulates that only qualified HVAC professionals work on the system. Letting anyone do something more than replacing the filter may void that warranty.

Companies Are Insured

A huge benefit to using a professional company is the liability insurance they carry. This means that if the technician damages something while performing their job, the insurance will pick it up.

It also means that you’re protected if the technician somehow sustains an injury while working on your system. Allowing your neighbor or person advertising in local groups to work on your system opens you up to liability. If they get injured, they could seek restitution, even though they may have been at fault for the injury.

Improved System Efficiency

No one goes into working on their system intending to lower its efficiency. Unfortunately, many well-meaning people who work on heating systems inadvertently do that exact thing.

This is because they may try some hack they found somewhere online that will get their system back up and running. However, what those hacks don’t typically account for is how the system works together. If one component isn’t working optimally, the entire system strains, lowering its efficiency.

The goal of a professional heating company is not merely to get your system back up and running. Rather, it’s to keep the entire system working at its optimal efficiency so that it reduces both additional repairs and your utility bills.

This means there’s a specific approach to fixing your furnace, and many proclaimed hacks don’t follow that approach. Often, those shortcuts attempt to circumvent some component or safety switch, rather than replacing a worn part.

Proper System Sizing

Getting the right size of heater for your home is critical for getting the most out of the investment. A unit that’s too big will shut off prematurely, causing the system to run more frequent cycles. A unit that’s too small will run constantly.

In either case, you drive up your utility costs, cause additional repairs, and shorten your system’s service life. All of this accounts for your system costing more to run than is really needed.

While some people suggest you can get the right size of system just by knowing your square footage, that’s a little shortsighted. Heating professionals use a calculation called Manual J to determine what size you require.

The Manual J calculation considers variables like your home’s construction, number of occupants, the environment, and the climate region. The specific variables include:

  • Number, size, and type of windows
  • Ceiling height
  • Amount and type of insulation
  • Duct type and condition
  • Amount of sunlight your house receives

Professionals Are Trained

Technicians spend a lot of time in training. You will see that many companies have technicians with NATE, EPA, or Diamond certifications. There are certain standards in the heating industry. You must know about these complex systems before starting a repair. A simple issue can often cost you more money when you have to fix your original repair. However, a trained technician has the necessary skills to find the right solutions for your home. When you hire a professional service company, you can be assured that a technician will fix the problem in your system. You can be happy in your home without any worries about a faulty DIY fix.

Professionals Provide Maintenance for Your System

Some repairs are due to the lack of maintenance on the heating system. Your system needs a regular maintenance schedule throughout the year. If you try to maintain the unit by yourself, you may not have the expertise to keep it operating at an optimal level. Many reputable companies have maintenance plans for homeowners. In this case, you will know that a trained technician is keeping your HVAC running at its peak performance.

Professionals Offer Expert Advice

When you have questions about your system, you can get expert advice from a professional company. Most contractors have experience with many types of heating systems, so you can count on them for an opinion. It is good to have a company that you can rely on for technical experience and industry knowledge.

Building Code Compliance

When you have a friend or family member perform heating repairs, the focus is frequently on the short term. It’s the question of what you can do to solve the problem you’re experiencing right now.

Professional companies also keep an eye on the long-term implications, such as building code compliance. Failing to meet the right codes for your heating system may not result in immediate issues. However, when it’s time to sell your home, this lack of compliance may pose serious issues in completing the sale. It’s certainly something an inspector will notice and put in their report.

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