Do Houston, Texas Home Owners Need A Furnace?

When most people think about Texas, they think about warm summers and mild winters. For many, the idea of needing any type of indoor heating during the winter seems counterintuitive. The fact that Texas has mild winters does not mean it never gets cold. Residents of Houston experience their fair share of cold days. So like everyone else, they need a heating solution to stay comfortable.

Houston, Texas, residents may need a different level of HVAC heating than their neighbors to the north. However, there are definite reasons why Texas homeowners should consider having a furnace installed in their homes.

The Furnace Is the Workhorse of Home Heating

Most furnaces are designed to offer a large amount of heat through frigid winters. You can get them as electric, gas, or oil models. By far, natural gas furnaces are the most popular. People choose furnaces over other heating options like heat pumps or space heaters because they are a reliable way to heat your home, whether it is 40° outside or the temperature has dropped significantly below that.

The challenge that Houston homeowners have with using a furnace to heat their home is that when it is 50° outside, you just need a little heat to make the house feel comfortable. Typically, a furnace runs so hot that it consumes the same amount of energy, whether heating your home from subzero temperatures or just slightly raising the temperature on a mild Texas winter day. Granted, the furnace will heat your Texas home quickly, but you don’t need it to run at full power.

Does this mean there are better routes than getting a furnace for Houston homeowners? No. What it does mean is that you want to find the right furnace for your environment. For many homeowners, this means getting a variable-speed furnace.

Why a Variable Speed Furnace May Be the Right Option for Texas Homeowners

Houston homeowners may opt for a two-speed furnace because it offers increased heating efficiency during their mild winters. Variable-speed furnaces can work at lower, more energy-efficient speeds. On the rare occasions when Houston winters become unbearably cold, you can switch to a higher speed and increase the heating output. This saves energy and reduces heating costs.

Variable-speed furnaces can adjust the airflow through the furnace based on the temperature in the home. Your thermostat constantly monitors the house’s temperature and changes the blower motor’s speed accordingly. As a result, the furnace delivers just the right amount of heat needed to maintain the desired temperature. With a traditional furnace, this can only be accomplished by turning the unit on, having it run at its full speed, and then turning it back off frequently. Not only is this energy inefficient, but it also puts additional wear on the furnace.

In addition to providing just the right amount of heat needed for a mild winter, a variable-speed motor furnace offers improved air quality because the motor can continually run at a low speed for an extended period, removing humidity from the air. Continued airflow also keeps air cycling through your furnace filter, which allows more contaminants to be trapped and therefore improves indoor air quality. Homeowners also appreciate these units’ quiet operation when operating at low speed.

Regarding the return on your investment, variable-speed furnaces are designed to last longer than their single-speed counterparts since they experience reduced wear and tear because the engine can adjust its speed to match the house’s heating needs. And in a place like Houston, heating needs are not that demanding for the most part.

You can add an extra layer of energy efficiency to a variable speed furnace because they can be integrated with smart thermostats giving you even greater control over the temperature and energy use in your home. If you’re unsure if a variable-speed furnace is right for your home, talk to the professionals at Custom Comfort Air. We would love to sit down with you to evaluate your heating needs and provide recommendations to help you make your home a comfortable place to live.

An Argument for Using a Heat Pump in Houston, Texas

Many homeowners in Houston, Texas, opt for a heat pump. Heat pumps are more energy efficient than a furnace because they don’t create heat. Instead, they transfer heat from the outdoor air or the ground into your home. This allows a heat pump to move up to three times more heat than the electricity it uses.

An added plus of heat pumps in Houston is that they are both a heating and a cooling system. This means that homeowners only have to worry about repairing and maintaining one system throughout the year. They can also save a lot of space instead of having a furnace and air conditioner.

During the summer, your heat pump works like your AC. It transports the heat and humidity from inside your home and dumps it into the outdoor air. During the winter, though, the heat pump flips to reverse, providing hot air.

While heat pumps can work in below-zero temperatures, the colder it gets outside, the harder it has to work to keep your home comfortable. However, since Texas winters are mild, heat pumps can get the job done much of the time.

A well-maintained heat pump can last for two decades or more, and life expectancies for furnaces and air conditioners are significantly less than that. At Custom Comfort Air, we can help determine if a heat pump is suitable for your home. Our experienced technicians will install the system, and your heat pump will provide you with the heating and cooling you need year-round.

Choose Hybrid Heat For a Happy Medium

There are pros and cons to using a furnace versus a heat pump. Both options will heat your home well, and you should be happy with your indoor comfort. However, some homeowners have opted for a hybrid heating system to increase energy efficiency. They have a heat pump and a furnace connected to a smart thermostat. When temperatures outside drop, the thermostat signals the heat pump to stop because it is no longer efficient and turns the furnace on to heat your home instead. For many homeowners, combining a heat pump with a variable-speed furnace allows them to save energy and ensure that their home is comfortable regardless of the temperatures outside.

Heating and Cooling in Houston and Surrounding Areas

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