How to Measure Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Having an energy-efficient home can keep you comfortable in the summer and winter without creating big energy bills. There are many ways that heated or cooled air can be lost from your building. Several fairly simple steps can be taken by any homeowner to measure their home’s energy efficiency, but professional assistance is required to perform a comprehensive energy audit.

Check Your Home for Leaks

There are many places where cool or warm air can escape from your residence and cause you to lose energy. Taking a lit candle and moving it around places that might be leaking can expose moving air. If you see the candle flicker, you can then isolate the leak. Places to inspect include the frames around doors and windows, electrical outlets, and light switches and the baseboards along the walls.

Examine Your Insulation

Not having the proper insulation in your home can allow large amounts of hot or cold air to be lost. Check your attic to make sure that the most important areas have adequate insulation.

Have Professionals Perform an Energy Audit

The best way to find all the air leaks in your home is to hire professionals to perform an energy audit. They can use a blower to identify any leaking areas throughout the residence. An infrared camera can identify spots where there is a significant difference in temperature. If you have energy-efficient windows, a professional can make sure they still have their protective coating intact.

Heating and Cooling Professionals You Can Trust

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