HVAC Systems and How They Work

One of the most commonly misunderstood household terms is “HVAC.” While most people are aware of the connection between an HVAC system and their home’s heating and air conditioning, few understand exactly what comprises the system or how the system operates. Simply stated, the HVAC system serves the function of regulating the heating, cooling and humidity levels of a single room or an entire building. The letters in the convenient acronym represent the words “heating,” “ventilation,” and “air conditioning.”

Types of Heating and Cooling Systems

There are several types of HVAC systems. The most common is the split system. The name is derived from the fact that part of the equipment, the air handler or furnace, is located indoors and part of it, the air conditioner or heat pump, is outside. This is what a homeowner normally thinks of as central heat and air.

A slight variation of this is the hybrid split system. This type is becoming increasingly common. Hybrid split systems feature an electric hybrid heating system, which can ultimately lower heating costs.

A packaged system consists of contained heating and air unit that is located within the house. This type of unit is preferable for use in small spaces and buildings in which installing an outside unit is not an option.

Ductless systems are composed of an individual unit in each room, each of which can be controlled separately. This type of system is typically attached to an outdoor compressor. Although the upfront installation cost may be higher compared to other systems, the ability to control heating and cooling room by room makes ductless systems ideal for cost savings over time. Ductless systems are most commonly used in business settings such as hotels or in homes where extending the ductwork isn’t feasible.

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