You may be aware that there will be a change in the minimum SEER rating 2023 in Bellaire, TX. If you are looking into a new air conditioning system, the change in federal law may benefit you. If you are unaware, the Texas SEER requirements 2023 will go up to a rating of 15. SEER is the rating that the government uses in order to help consumers find energy-efficient appliances.

Minimum SEER Rating 2023 in Bellaire

SEER ratings demonstrate how efficient an air conditioner is in converting electricity to cool air throughout the entire season. Air conditioning units manufactured before 2006 only had a minimum SEER rating of 10. If you have an air conditioning unit from before 2006, it is likely nearing its end of service. You can determine the SEER rating of the unit by looking for the label on the outer portion of the system. If you can’t find the label, it will be on the metal tag on the unit.

A new air conditioning system will only use two-thirds of the energy to produce the same cooling as your old unit. Here in Texas, that will save you quite a bit of money on your electric bill each summer.

There are some signs that it is time to repair or retire your old air conditioning unit.
  • Frequent need of repairs
  • More frequent cycling on and off or short cycling
  • Spike in energy bills
  • Strange sounds or odors
  • Leaks around unit or rusting

None of these symptoms are conclusive that your air conditioning unit needs to be replaced. If you have any of these signs, call us out for service, and we will give you advice on what steps you should take.

Texas SEER Requirements 2023 in Bellaire

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